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International Women's Day

International Women's Day

Today we celebrate the International Women's Day. There has been tremendous progress over the last 109 years, and yet there is still much to be done. 

We know that 75% of garment workers globally are women, and for us who are in the business of making clothes, it seems right to show our support by speaking up, and by donating some of our sales today to a related cause. 

CARE have several projects around the world working for the empowerment og women. The one we specifically chose to support is called Made By Women, and aims to bring economic empowerment to 8 million women garment workers in Asia.

20% of all sales today will be donated specifically to that project. If you prefer to support CARE directly you can do so here

From all of us at Greater Than A, to women everywhere;

We salute you. Today, and every day.