why introduce a new brand?

From waste to product

At the core of our mission is our desire to create great products without causing harm to the planet. The Powder Weekend Bag is such a product, and we couldn't be more proud. The groundbreaking textile called Piñatex® is quite simply made from the leftovers of pineapple production. What was once waste has now become an object of practical use and beauty. 

Greater Than A

The process

The long fibres are extracted through a process which is done at the plantation by the farming community. The leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture, and using it creates an additional income stream for the farming communities.

Once the leaves have been stripped of fibre the leftover biomass can be used as a nutrient-rich natural fertiliser or a biofuel, so nothing is wasted. 
The fibres then get degummed and undergo an industrial process to become a non-woven mesh, which forms the base of the material.

The rolls of non-woven mesh are then prepared for a unique process that gives Piñatex® its leather-like appearance, creating a textile that is soft and flexible, yet very durable.

Greater Than A


Piñatex® contains no toxic chemicals.

Thus saving the local environment from further contamination and pollution.

The leaves are the byproduct of existing agriculture

Their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities.

Piñatex® contains no animal products

Happily, no animals need forfeit their lives for us to create this bag. 

Piñatex® requires no additional environmental resources to produce

Beyond the toll of growing pineapples, no other resources needs to be extracted from the earth to create this product.


Feel good

Beyond the obvious environmental benefits of using a fabric like Piñatex®, that let's you feel perfectly fine about owning this product, there is no getting around the fact that it looks kinda awesome. It's distinct and sophisticated look is sure to score you more than a couple of double takes. 

Greater Than A

Look good

Nothing says casual cool like throwing a great looking bag over your shoulder on your way to your next adventure. It just feels right.

And if you need an icebreaker to start a conversation you can always bring up the fact that this bag was once mere pineapple leaves. 

Greater Than A

Have questions?

If you're left with burning questions regarding the means of production, or how such a brilliant idea was ever conceived of, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Currently production at the following factories:

  • PINATEX Ltd.