Why "Greater Than A"?

Greater Than A is a result of our logo >A. Which is funny, because for most companies it´s the other way around, but here's how the name came about for us.

When we started looked into this project together I had two important principles.

1/ I did not want to use my name. That path has already been followed by plenty of other athletes. I wanted this to be different. And to forego my name as the brand puts a lot more pressure on us to create products that are so good that they will be well received, even without a famous name attached to it.

2/ We had to base our work on values that are more than just creating a successful business. I wanted to be a part of building a company based on principals and values that are bigger than us.

So the designers came back with the mathematical symbol > followed by an A. “We can't use your name hence the A, and you want to stand for something greater than yourself. >A”. It´s a direct answer to what we want to do. In the beginning, I felt like >A was almost like our working title, but everyone loved it, and it eventually became our logo. And since a company needs an actual name… hence, Greater Than A. That´s how you read the symbols and the meaning of our logo.

Every time we look at >A it’s a reminder of what we agreed on when we founded the company.

Now, back to what we actually do and what we´ve learned so far.

The first thing we learned is that the textile industry is facing some really big challenges when it comes to sustainability, and caring for our planet. I already had some prior knowledge about this from reading about Yvon Chouinard and his journey with Patagonia. If you haven’t already, I recommend you read his biography “Let my people go surfing”.

But what could we do about it? That´s the tough question! As it turns out, you can do a lot. Since we're basically starting from scratch, we can really make the correct choices from the very beginning. That’s the great part about starting fresh. On the other hand, we're a small company and therefore in terms of volumes, we will have a smaller impact. But in my mind, you can never allow yourself to think like that! The first step to getting anywhere is to have the guts to start.

Basically, we have to make great products that you will love. Regardless if you know the thoughts that went into creating that product, the style, the fabrics we use, or hopefully all above. We need to listen to you as a consumer so we can create the garments you want, based on our philosophy and values.

Maybe you have a favorite hoodie, t-shirt or jacket? Something that never has time to make it back into the closet after laundry cause you wear it over and over again. Especially if this garment is produced with no concern for our planet. That’s the kind of challenges we like. Apply new methods and knowledge to create your favorite garments in a better way. hello@greaterthana.no would love to hear from you.

Ultimately our goal is that you feel the same as us when you see >A. Our logo is a reminder to us of the values we funded this company on. We want to earn your trust. When buying a product from >A think about if you like it and if you need it, knowing that we already thought of a lot of other things for you.



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