Excited, proud and honored to be working with great people.

We´re now launching Greater Than A!! First time I saw the name and logo was summer 2017. 18 months later seems like a lot of time. But starting a company, working through our values, creating products, getting partners, suppliers and retailers on board, and finally reaching our costumers… We have worked hard to present you products that we are very proud of. Proud because we know what effort went into making the choices we made along the way. And proud because we know we will keep working hard to improve. Our ultimate goal is to make functional clothing that looks and feel fantastic and at the same time cause no harm to the planet. This is an extremely high goal, some will say it's not even possible. But it says a lot about our focus. And what´s important is the process of working towards that ultimate goal.

 I like to create. I like challenges. And I get very inspired when I get to work with great people. I know my mindset works well in sports, and I think it works well as an entrepreneur. This journey has been fun! But it has also been a great lesson. Knowledge is power. And as a consumer, knowledge is power to change your habits for the better. We all know we´re not treating the planet and its resources the way we should. But do we know much about what we can do as individuals to be better? When deciding what to make and how to make it, we always go through long discussions at Greater Than A. Listening to our experts on sustainability and thinking about the design and function of the product. Through these discussions I have learned more about sustainability and the use of resources than ever before.

Making better choices feels good. Once you´ve started recycling your trash, throwing everything in one big bag seems wrong. And if everyone had slightly better alternatives to choose from in their daily lives, together we would make a real difference. Great Than A is only aiming to be a small part of this. But that´s the whole point. Many small parts make up the full puzzle when they come together. Travelling all over the world for my work and skiing, I´m not a great role model when it comes to sustainability. We cant expect people to stop what they´re doing and change everything, but we can expect people to make smart everyday decisions when faced with good alternatives.

 And I think we´ve made some great alternatives. We wanted to create those pieces in your wardrobe that stays there year after year. The ones that never have time to get lost in the closet. The ones you put back on right after they have been washed. Basically your favorites. Again a high goal, but worth aiming for. Focusing on high quality materials and a clean design, I think we did very well. The samples we tested quickly became very popular at the office, and since day one it´s been a fight to get to keep as many samples as possible. A good sign.

Now we´re hoping that you will check out our products, use them a lot, and give us feedback if you have some. We´ve only just started this and we want to improve on everything we do. This first season it´s a tight men’s collection. Available here on the webshop and at selected retailers in Norway. For our next collection we´re adding more pieces and we will also expand to a few other Europeans countries.  And we´re presenting a women’s collection.




Aksel Lund Svindal

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